Zashadu | CLASSICS
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Total Knock Out (TKO) 

This bag came into existence in response to my travel needs. I desired a bag that was spacious yet compact,versatile but easy. It was important to be able to fit in my travel essentials, comfortably and with easy access, and be able to leave one city, arrive in another, attend meetings, and go out in the evening all without changing my bag. Originally the TKO Classic, this style has evolved to include the TKO Mini, and TKO Madam.

Box Clutch

Box bags, small and large soon are my obsession, I love their boxiness and spatial constraints. When I started designing, one of my first challenges was to design a Boxy bag that would overcome its constraints, but retain its boxy characteristics. I think we achieved this with the Box Clutch Classic and the Box Clutch Mini. The Box Clutch is also where our signature cut-out feature was born, and is therefore considered the mother of all bags.

The Justice

Responding to the need of a real life Judge who ordered the “design a bag that would be be-fitting of me”, this majestic bag is not for the faint hearted. Measuring approximately 13 x 14 x 5”, it commands your atten- tion with its self assurance and magnetism.

The Understudy

The Understudy to the Justice, smaller, more compact, and with a detachable shoulder strap, measuring app 10x12,4”