Rough Cut Black Tourmaline With Mica Crystal - Zashadu
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Rough Cut Black Tourmaline With Mica Crystal


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Name: Black Tourmaline With Mica

Origin:Plateau State

Size: 1.0″ x 1.6″

Colour: Black

Benefits: Black Tourmaline acts like etheric vacuum cleaners, clearing oneself and surroundings of disharmony and negativity. It is also a very grounding stone. It helps to rid the mind of anxiety, anger, negative thoughts and unworthiness. Combined with high vibration and rare beryllonite, it helps release fear and eases stress in difficult times. Mica assists us in us recognizing flaws without self-condemnation.


Please kindly note that raw crystals cannot be shipped outside Nigeria at present.


2.0" x 2.5"