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zashadu blog

The Ice Queen

Our new bag, Ice Queen has been an instant hit with collectors. Originally debuted in teal turquoise goat fur and snakeskin print combination, we’ve added new colour ways and materials. This chic and elegant bag was inspired by Dominique Francon’s character in Ayn Rand’s iconic literary masterpiece, The Fountainhead.

I took the lead from a bag I’d designed earlier for men, and reworked it to suit my constraints. I can attest to the saying that simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve; this bag took me weeks to finalise; I kept tweaking tiny, seemingly unnoticeable details till harmony was finally achieved.

zashadu blog


The Original (which was quickly snapped up by an avid collector, even before we had finished it)

zashadu blog

Ice queen in mustard, bordeaux and purple, $450, N85,000


Zashadu Team
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